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Sarah Monkman

Welfare Officer

Sarah Monkman : Welfare Officer

I am a Welfare Officer in Malton in North Yorkshire. The role is very varied, as well as the everyday running of the office, there is also a community room with computer suite and TV, six Racing Homes letting rooms which offer accommodation for young people who work in the racing industry, aged between 16 and 24. There is also an interview room for one to one sessions with beneficiaries.

Away from the office my role includes yard, racecourse and gallop visits to promote the work and services that Racing Welfare provides to those who work in the industry.
Coffee mornings and Racing Reminisce Group are monthly sessions which I organise in the local pub and hotel. This helps to combat loneliness and isolation for the elderly retired stud and stable staff. We also organise trips for them.

I love the job because it involves working with people of all ages, which is so rewarding. I am passionate about horse racing, going on yard and gallop visits is like working in a sweetie shop, what could be better.

I had ponies when I was growing up on the farm, and worked with horses when left school, running my own livery yard. When I turned 40 I went to work in a secondary school doing pastoral care and child protection, I also did a welfare degree.
I have always loved horse racing, coming from a farming background. As a family we enjoyed hunting and attending point to points. Living in Malton growing up I was surrounding by racing yards, watching the strings go past school every day was a huge bonus. I rode out for trainers in my spare time when I was younger. My family still enjoys racing, and we have some wonderful days out at our local racecourses.
I am so proud to work for Racing Welfare and the Horse Racing Industry, it is like winning the lottery every day.