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Racing Welfare provides practical tools and advice on careers as well as information on training and development.

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Finding a job

If you are looking for a new job in racing, there are plenty of ways to go about finding your ideal role. It can sometimes feel like the search is never-ending but there are always new opportunities a...

Education & Training

There is a huge number of education and training courses available to you in the racing industry, regardless of what role you are working in. Education and training is something the racing industry do...


Your people are the lynchpin of your business....

Career Change

The racing industry offers a wealth of career options and routes. Whatever your past and current role, the part that you have played in racing will have been extremely valuable. If you are looking to ...

Interview Dos & Don’ts

You have landed an interview for your dream job, what next? Job interviews are often daunting and it is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive or nervous. Whatever the role, there are a few key dos and...

Returning to work

Are you returning to work following a career break, or have you recently gone back to work after some time off?...

Social Media Dos & Don’ts

Using social media to boost your career    ...

Writing a CV

A CV is typically made up of certain topics about yourself and your work and education history, often under separate headings or sections, as listed below. Read on to find out exactly what sort of inf...

Writing a cover letter

What is a cover letter? 1.  A typed cover letter will be neater and easier to read, compared with a hand-written cover letter, and can be emailed and uploaded electronically, as well as printed out a...

Scholarships and industry initatives

Racing has some stand out opportunities for gaining experience and furthering your career through training and development programmes.  Most of the below initiatives are scholarships which you can a...

Glossary of terms

Here’s a glossary of terms to keep you in the know with your career and training development. A Absenteeism policy In-house policies for attendance, including planned and unplanned leave, discipline...

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