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Workforce Wellbeing Programme

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Workforce Wellbeing has never been more important than now, but it goes far beyond the impact and changes resulting from COVID-19 – it is a long-term investment for your business:

  • – Ensuring that all members of your team’s mental and physical wellbeing are optimised and protected with unlimited access to a wide range of services as part of racing’s most comprehensive support package.
  • – Allowing and encouraging your staff to access a variety of support services helps to create an environment that is proven to increase staff retention and reduce lost working hours through absence.

All for a contribution of £1.20 per person per week.

The Workforce Wellbeing services include:

  • – 24/7 Support Line – mental health advice, counselling, legal advice, wellbeing tips & more
  • – Access to Mental Health Support App, Sleep & Addiction Support Services
  • – Occupational Health Support – referral to occupational health advisor, case management, physio referrals & more
  • – Staff Training
  • – A fully independent and confidential service
  • – Regular Wellbeing Updates & Advice
  • – Accreditation to the Industry Standard Workforce Wellbeing Employer Badge

What are the benefits?

  • – Employees can seek appropriate support at an early stage, helping to stop issues in both the workplace and in their personal lives from escalating and having a wider impact, making the services proactive and very often preventative.
  • – Better staff retention and improved productivity.
  • – Reduce absence in the workplace in a number of ways. From supporting employees to remain in work via Racing’s Occupational Health Service, to providing a confidential support line for mental health and wellbeing, and to address practical issues in their home life.
  • – Workforce wellbeing services can help to reduce work-related stress.

Who is it for?

The Workforce Wellbeing programme exists to support the overall wellbeing of people working in the British horseracing industry through a comprehensive range of services. The programme is available to stud, stable and racecourse staff, as well as those working in a broad range of associated roles within racing.  

But I am already a member of an Employee Assistance Programme?
The Workforce Wellbeing Programme should provide the same comprehensive package that you currently have but for a fraction of the cost, without reducing the quality or integrity of the services on offer.

If you are unsure as to whether your business is eligible please contact us for more information.

94% of employees say they would stay with an organisation longer if they invested in their development

The Detail

The workforce wellbeing programme exists to support the overall wellbeing of everyone who works in the British horseracing industry, regardless of role. The comprehensive package of services available helps to support in the following ways:

Racing’s Support Line (RSL) – RSL is an employee assistance programme, offering advice and support on many aspects of both home and work life in addition to a full range of emotional support. From support and assistance with benefits, legal advice and childcare through to consumer rights, RSL supports your employees holistically. In the moment support is available with trained counsellors and access to structured counselling sessions* to support employees with a range of issues from bereavement and relationships through to stress and anxiety.

Racing’s Occupational Health Service (ROHS) – ROHS is there to support people to remain at work and to enable them to return to work from periods of absence. Whether people are experiencing physical or mental ill-health, ROHS will arrange an appointment with an Occupational Health Advisor who will recommend treatment and any applicable workplace adjustments or phased returns that may be required to keep people in the workplace or support their return. All treatment is funded through ROHS**.

Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS) – CATS is here to support your employees in their personal development, including returning to work after a period of absence. With links throughout the industry and beyond, the service can help staff define and work towards their goals and aspirations, support them to achieve their full potential and provide access to course funding (dependent on criteria being met).

Mental Health (MH) – The mental health service is here to provide education, preventative support services and, where clinically appropriate, treatment for mental health issues, including addiction support. Our preventative services include:

Sleepstation – an NHS accredited, personalised sleep programme designed to help individuals overcome their sleep issues with effective, tried and tested methods which are easily implemented.

Woebot – a private and secure app that helps an individual to learn how to better manage their thoughts and feelings during stressful situations. Woebot checks in with the user daily to see how they are feeling and provides tools to track mood, practice mindfulness and gain insights into thought patterns. Research shows Woebot can help to improve mood and lower stress in as little as two weeks.

*when assessed as being clinically appropriate
**Up to a maximum of 12 sessions per issue
Delivery partners

All of the services are available on a fully confidential basis and we use a number of market-leading, independent partners to deliver our comprehensive and professional services.

How do we sign up?

To sign up or for more information please email WWP@racingwelfare.co.uk