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Whether you are making initial plans for retirement or
whether you have a query relating to pensions, retirement housing
or activities for retired racing staff, our welfare teams can support you.

Our Information, Advice and Guidance services are matrix accredited



Loneliness is affecting more and more of us in the UK and we know this can have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. In 2022 the Campaign to End Loneliness reported that almost 50% of adul...

About Racing’s ‘Check-in and Chat’ Service

Racing Welfare provides a telephone Check-in and Chat service for anyone in the horseracing community that feels lonely, isolated or simply in need of someone to talk to. Racing Welfare’s Check-in ...

Trips and Outings

Racing Welfare organises a number of events around the UK in a bid to tackle loneliness and isolation amongst retired staff, their partners and carers. The trips provide an opportunity to meet with ...

Free TV Licences

How to get your free TV Licence It has been announced that from June 1, 2020 pensioners aged over 75 will have to pay for their TV licence having previously received them for free. The TV licence cost...

Planning for Retirement

When planning for your own retirement you will have different things to consider, depending on your current situation. How you make your plan will be unique to you....

About State Pension

The State Pension is a regular payment from the government which most people can claim when they reach State Pension age. The point at which you reach State Pension age depends on your year of birth. ...

Volunteering with Racing Welfare

Volunteers are highly valuable across the charitable sector. At Racing Welfare we value the contribution made by our team of volunteers and recognise that it would be more challenging for us to achie...

Workplace Pensions

What are Workplace Pensions?...

Coping with Bereavement

Experiencing the loss of someone close to us through death is an inevitable part of life but that does not make it any easier when we experience it. Adjusting to life without the person who has died...

Funeral Plans

A funeral has different meanings for different people. It is an opportunity to say goodbye to the person who has died and to mourn their loss. It can also be an occasion to celebrate their life and ex...

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