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Racing Welfare provides support for the workforce of British horseracing

Racing Welfare is a registered charity supporting the workforce of British horseracing.

Racing Welfare was founded and registered in 2000 as an amalgamation of several racing charities, with the aim of supporting the wellbeing of the industry’s current and former employees and their dependents. The charity leads the provision of human welfare services providing professional guidance and practical help to the stud, stable and racecourse staff, and those in a broad range of associated roles whose dedication is vital to the wellbeing of racing.

We complement the work of the Injured Jockeys Fund who support individuals who currently hold, or have ever held, a jockey’s licence.

We have a national network of welfare officers based in regional offices. Our head office is in Newmarket.

We support current and retired racing staff, and their families. Our work is dependent on donations and successful fundraising activities. Racing Homes is our housing association. It provides a limited amount of subsidised accommodation to those who meet the criteria.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing of people from the horseracing and thoroughbred breeding community, by providing enabling and proactive support throughout and after their working lives.

Our vision

Our vision is that everyone from the horseracing and breeding industry and community feels supported and has the opportunity to thrive.


Racing Welfare is the only charity which provides support to everyone working behind-the-scenes in the horseracing industry. We also support those who have retired. The charity supported more than 4,533 people in 2020, an 80% increase on 2019, with a wide range of challenges. Demand for Racing Welfare’s services is increasing year-on-year. The charity has more than 155 units of affordable accommodation for people starting their careers in racing and those retired from the industry.

The formation of the charity

The charity was founded and registered in 2000. Racing Welfare was formed as an amalgamation of several racing charities, with the aim of ensuring that the racing industry had a single charity responsible for the wellbeing of its current and former employees, and their dependents.

Racing Welfare is constituted as a company limited by guarantee, with The Jockey Club as the sole member.

Registered Charity No | 1084042

“They provided immediate care, making sure I had credit on my phone for emergencies, and making sure I had money so we could eat, but it was the aftercare that made the real difference.”

The people behind Racing Welfare

Everyone at Racing Welfare including our team of staff members, trustees and our ambassadors, is passionate about the British horseracing and breeding industries. Many of our members of staff come from a strong horseracing background having had previous experience working on racing yards, studs and racecourses. Our Board of Trustees are also key racing supporters with many being involved as owners, breeders or amateur jockeys.