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What Is The Platinum Club

The Platinum Club has been created to provide longer-term and sustainable support for Racing Welfare.  It will consist of a small number of key donors who can commit to donate between £25k and £250k per year for a three-year period.

Racing Welfare needs to raise more than £3m each year to provide essential services to racing’s people who work tirelessly to ensure all aspects of the sport we love continue to operate seamlessly.

The Platinum Club offers a range of bespoke options tailored to the suit the individual. Options which either ensure and respect the donor’s preference for privacy or, alternatively, offer supporting PR, named projects or other ways of recognising their donation.

Racing Welfare will provide regular updates about the impact of these significant donations on racing’s people and will welcome visits from our major donors to meet staff and beneficiaries, allowing Platinum Club patrons to experience their donations in action.

As a patron of The Platinum Club, there will be the opportunity to attend events, take part in challenges and to meet Racing Welfare Trustees and Board Members.

There is a dedicated manager to look after each Platinum Club patron’s relationship with Racing Welfare.

Most importantly, Racing Welfare would like Platinum Club patrons to feel a part of the Racing Welfare family and to have a continuous and evolving relationship with our team. We want our patrons to understand our work, our goals and how their donation fuels our vital support services for the people on racing’s front line.

How Racing Welfare Makes a Difference  

As just one example of our work in 2022 Grade 1 winning trainer Warren Greatrex had two stable lads working for him who took their own lives within months of each other. He has shared how tough this was for him and his team and how important the work of Racing Welfare was for them all.

We had members of the Racing Welfare team, within pretty much hours, to come and give us support and they put on counselling sessions and they were there at the end of a phone. They were always coming up and seeing if everyone was ok because as we know some people talk and some people don’t and it’s the people who are quiet that you are worried about and you are dealing with young members of staff and no one knows how to handle that. I felt responsible for everyone … and to have Racing Welfare there if I needed them, I have no doubt they got us through it and I will always be grateful for that

Warren Greatrex

The Impact of The Platinum Club

The aim of the Platinum Club is to raise up to £1million a year. Vital funds that will ensure the

future stability of Racing Welfare and our ability to deliver and develop our life-changing support for racing’s people.

Each £25,000 donation enables Racing Welfare to deliver or provide one of the following:


instances of critical incident support following a traumatic event at a workplace


weeks of specialist rehabilitation and physiotherapy after an accident or injury



day trips for our retired beneficiaries to help prevent loneliness and isolation


hours of support from a Welfare Officer perhaps around addiction or homelessness


home visits by a Welfare Officer, providing support in a convenient, safe environment

It’s very hard to ask for help sometimes but Racing Welfare seem to sense things and just when I do need help, when I feel like I’m going under again, they ring me up!

David, Racing Welfare beneficiary and Racing Homes tenant

The Platinum Club Legacy

As a patron of The Platinum Club you’ll become a valued advocate of Racing Welfare and our services.

We hope you might wear your exclusive Platinum Club badge with pride and use it as a conversation starter to let others know about your involvement and support.

The people we help are the backbone of the Racing Industry but most likely not used to being the centre of attention or comfortable talking about their experiences.  Therefore, we need people like our Platinum Club patrons to speak out on their behalf and to spread the word.

For more information or to discuss how you could help to support racing’s workforce, please contact  Jane Jackson, Philanthropy Manager at jjackson@racingwelfare.co.uk or on 07979 653724.

I’m a really happy-go-lucky person and always have a smile on my face, but I got the point where I was struggling; trying to balance work and life, turning 30 was a big thing for me…my girlfriend noticed that I wasn’t smiling, wasn’t engaging in the same way that I used to. Racing Welfare’s support got the ball rolling for me and really got me thinking about my mental health. Now I’ve opened that door I feel so much more confident in going forward and getting help for myself when the pressure of life starts to take a toll.

Sam contacted Racing Welfare’s Support Line and accessed support for his mental health.