On Track, Off Course with Racing Welfare

Welcome to On Track, Off Course, the brand new podcast from Racing Welfare in which we discuss all aspects of wellbeing, including everything from mental health and physical health to careers and money issues.  We have an outstanding line up of racing personalities who will be talking to us about a range of issues that we rarely hear them discuss.  We will also be bringing you stories from inside the industry as well as top tips, advice and guidance from experts.


ITV racing presenter Francesca Cumani joins Lauren and Tina to discuss the pressures of life in the public eye and the realities of being a woman in racing. Francesca talks about combining her work on television with being a mother and the guilt that can come with trying to balance the two, as well as talking about the pressures of being a woman in a male dominated industry. 

On Track, Off Course · Francesca Cumani on the Media, Motherhood & McCoy

“The podcast is a great initiative from Racing Welfare to get people in racing talking about subjects we sometimes find difficult to discuss, I’m sure it will help many people.  I had a great time talking to Lauren and Tina and I hope you enjoy our conversation.  I would encourage anyone in the industry who feels that they could benefit from support to contact Racing Welfare, they are always on hand to help.’ Francesca Cumani.


During a frank and emotional conversation with Lauren and Tina, Classic winning former jockey George Baker talks about the impact of his career ending fall on the ice at St Moritz.  He discusses rebuilding his life after such a traumatic head injury, having to learn to walk again and how he coped with intrusive and unwelcome thoughts. 

On Track, Off Course · George Baker – Coming Back from the Brink

“Racing Welfare is a fantastic charity and I was really happy to support them with this project which I’m sure will help many people. It was emotional and it’s not always easy to look back but I really enjoyed speaking to Lauren and Tina. Physical health support is so important for our wellbeing and is available to everyone in the industry. I hope this interview will encourage people to come forward for the help they need.” George Baker.


In this first episode, we talk to racing broadcaster of the year Lydia Hislop about the recent death of her mother, Margaret, and the impact this has had on both her personal and professional life. We cannot thank Lydia enough for being so incredibly open and honest on a topic that is often so hard to discuss and we hope you find our conversations helpful.  

On Track, Off Course · Ep 1 – Bereavement with racing broadcaster of the year, Lydia Hislop.

We’re all increasingly conscious of the tangible impact that our mental health has on our lives and on those around us. Yet we still struggle to talk openly about those very issues that affect our health and happiness. In this, racing is no different from any other walk of life. Racing Welfare’s new podcast is a positive attempt to address this damaging reticence. Each week, Lauren and Tina encourage us to talk frankly about the human problems that we all grapple with by getting guests to share their personal stories and providing expert advice.

“Grief, with its isolating and debilitating consequences, was the subject I discussed in the opening episode of On Track, Off Course following the death of my mother earlier this year. However, it’s a feeling we all experience at some point in our lives and this conversation is perhaps more urgent than ever in the year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I urge you to tune in weekly for this timely and courageous initiative. You never know when what’s said will be of help to you or to someone whom you love.” Racing Broadcaster of the Year, Lydia Hislop.

We have a fantastic line-up of guests over the next few weeks including  Francesca Cumani, Ralph Beckett and Rishi Persad, so if you enjoyed episode one make sure you hit subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts and if you have any comments or suggestions on topics you would like to hear discussed you can email us at podcast@racingwelfare.co.uk

On Track, Off Course · Ep 1 – Bereavement with racing broadcaster of the year, Lydia Hislop.