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2 August 2021

Career Change

The racing industry offers a wealth of career options and routes. Whatever your past and current role, the part that you have played in racing will have been extremely valuable. If you are looking to change direction, it is very possible to do this and still be a part of this exciting industry.

Tips for Career Change

1. Assess your current skills

In many instances, the thought of returning to the workplace may be intimidating but there are ways you can make the transition back to work smoother.

Horseracing is a fabulous sport to be part of, but it can be a demanding way of life in terms of working hours and work-life balance, so there are many reasons you may have taken a career break.  If you work with horses, physical injuries are common and time off can be required to recover.  Alternatively, you may have left an office job to move away from 9-5 working hours, recently had children or taken a sabbatical to better your wellbeing.  Below are some pointers for increasing your confidence and feeling more comfortable with the prospect of returning to work.


2. Browse job roles

Once you have an idea of what you would like to do, it is worth browsing different job roles within the industry. Careers in Racing advertise current vacancies in racing with detailed job descriptions including office-based roles such as accounting, marketing and operations. This will give you a good overall idea of the desired qualities and skills required for different positions.


3. Gain further experience

You may have decided on a new career path but feel you could benefit from further experience. Volunteering, freelance work, evening or online training courses are a great way to supplement your current skills and it shows you have used initiative, are motivated and keen to learn. All of these qualities will appeal to potential employers. Look out for computer courses, online social media training and bookkeeping courses.


4. Speak to people

Talk to people in racing who work in a similar role to your dream job.  They can give you information on the job demands, pros and cons and specific employers to approach to find a job in your desired sphere.  Don’t be afraid to use your connections too – if you work as a grounds person but would like to move into racecourse management for example, use your personal contacts to get more information. You can also connect with people online in your chosen field or meet confidants for an informal chat over a coffee.  People are usually happy to share knowledge and expertise.


5. Take your time and be patient

The career change process will not always be a quick one, it can take a few months to find new work and you need to be prepared for rejections along the way. Everyone experiences knock-backs but do not let it demotivate or deter you.  New opportunities are always cropping up in the racing industry so use your time to update any online social media profiles such as LinkedIn and ensure your CV and cover letter are up-to-date and showcase your skills in the best possible light.  Check our CV Tips and Templates to help you along the way.



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