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Gail Burton-Pye

Welfare Officer

Gail Burton-Pye : Welfare Officer

I am the Welfare Support Worker for the northern regions. Based in Middleham and primarily supporting the welfare teams in the north. Working for Racing Welfare gives me a great sense of achievement. It is so rewarding to see the work that we do be it with individuals, community events, young and old having such a positive impact on their lives and others around them.

Previous to this role I worked for 23 years at Mark Johnston’s where I worked as a groom/rider, assistant manager, manager and then lastly part-time work rider after having a family. It is here where I was able to learn and develop the skills and knowledge I have today which in turn I can now give back to those coming into the racing industry.

Having lived in Middleham all my life I think it was a no brainer that my life would involve the racing industry. From a young age I would beg my mum and dad for a pony and I was always met with the same response ‘there’s enough horses in Middleham!’ From ponies to hunters, hunters to thoroughbreds I was hooked. Racing has and always will play an important role in my life. I have been lucky enough to work with and meet some fantastic people within the industry. As well, as working with and witnessing some amazing horses both on and off the track.