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Rebecca McAllister

Account Assistant (Racing Homes)

Rebecca McAllister : Account Assistant (Racing Homes)

I joined Racing Welfare as an Admin Assistant in 2014 and moved into the finance team as Accounts Assistant after 9 months. I instantly felt like part of a great team, dedicated to helping people and making a difference.

Despite no longer being in a beneficiary facing role I enjoy knowing I am a part of something that is making a difference to people’s lives and I love the role I do now. This includes data entry on the sales and purchase ledgers, processing of receipts and payments and production of reports for analysis by accounts and the other departments. I love that Racing Welfare has sent my career in a new direction and continues to give me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills.

I have worked in customer facing roles in Newmarket for over 10 years and although none have been directly involved in horse racing it is clear to see how much of the town thrives because of its impact and because of the hard work of horse racing’s people. My last role before joining Racing Welfare was in a high street bank where I had a lot of interaction with people and also got my first experience dealing with accounts which ultimately lead me to my current role.

I enjoy attending race meets and experiencing the buzz and excitement that overcomes people on race days and it has been great to learn about what goes into making those days since working with Racing Welfare.