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Mark Loades

Head of Fundraising

Mark Loades : Head of Fundraising

My name is Mark Loades and I am Head of Fundraising for Racing Welfare. I joined the charity in May 2016 from another regional charity where I was undertaking a similar role working with individuals, companies and trusts to secure ongoing support for their cause. Prior to that, I had worked for NatWest Bank for 27 years in and around East Anglia in a number of different roles.

I have been a horseracing fan since the age of 7 when my Grandad first took me to what was then Devon and Exeter Racecourse. I enjoy both national hunt and flat racing and love to visit different courses throughout the country. I have also been a member of Elite Racing Club for a number of years now. To work within the racing industry is, therefore, a dream come true and I am extremely proud to be part of the Racing Welfare team and passionate about raising the money required to deliver and develop our services. This to achieve the charity’s vision that everyone from the horseracing industry and community feels supported and has the opportunity to thrive.

I would, therefore, be delighted to hear from any individual, company or charitable trust who would like to learn more about the charity and discuss how we might be able to work together to make a real difference to the people working within the horseracing industry.