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Whether you are making initial plans for retirement or whether you have a query relating to pensions, retirement housing or activities for retired racing staff, our welfare teams can support you

There are many things to consider as you or members of your family approach retirement. Racing Welfare provides support for people planning their retirement including assisting with money matters such as pensions or benefits.

Many people working in the horseracing industry may have lived in tied housing throughout their working lives and will need to find new housing options upon retirement. Racing Welfare can advise and support throughout this process. The charity also has a range of retirement accommodation in Newmarket and Lambourn which is offered to retired racing people at affordable rents. Racing Welfare also helps racing’s people stay active and social after leaving work through a range of community activities, trips, outings and holidays.

“We would have struggled to deal with process of finding a new house and moving with the support that we received from Racing Welfare. We now also attend the regular coffee mornings with other retired staff and love that it keeps us in touch with racing people.”