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15 May 2023

Tips For Managing Anxiety

Racing’s people share their top tips for managing anxiety.

I previously suffered with anxiety and panic attacks brought on by post-natal depression.  At the time learning about anxiety and panic attacks and teaching myself to meditate were the only things that really helped.  This enabled me to take control of my breathing, helped me to relax, focus and stay grounded – Simone Sear, Racing Welfare

I was told to keep a diary. Writing down how the day had gone, how my anxiety levels were each day was a big help and something I’d highly recommend – Tom Stanley, Racing TV Broadcaster

When anxiety comes knocking, I invite it in and give it a makeover. I transform it into excitement, an emotion that equips me with the enthusiasm and optimism I need to tackle the situation – Lindsey Pearce, The Jockey Club

Remember what is strong, not what is wrong – when people are anxious they tend to focus on what personal resources they don’t have to deal with their situation. We have to work really hard at such times to remind ourselves of our strengths, how we have overcome in the past, and the joy we bring to others to counter the psychological effects of anxiety – Dr. Will McConn-Palfreman, Sport & Exercise Psychologist

I’ve recently started to feel really anxious when riding. Regular sessions of hypnotherapy and mindfulness are helping me overcome the fear as, ultimately, this is a pastime that I really don’t want to lose from my life! – Lucinda Gould, Racing Welfare

Whenever I feel anxious, I step outside and immerse myself in nature – it’s the ultimate mindfulness activity! Whether I hop on my bike or go for a walk, I relish in the beauty of the great outdoors and make sure to ditch my phone – Hayley Lees, Jockey Club Estates

The below film has been created by staff at the BHA and shows Harriet Rochester (Campaign and Digital Manager); David Jones (BHA Board Member) and Kate Freeman (Project Manager) sharing their tips to help manage anxiety.

For more tips head to the Mental Health Foundation’s website or contact Racing’s Support Line to speak to a trained counsellor.

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