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3 August 2021

Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or have been in an intimate relationship, marriage or family relationship, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone. Noticing and acknowledging the warning signs and symptoms of domestic violence and abuse is the first step to ending it.  No one should live in fear of the person they love.  If you recognise yourself or someone you know in the following warning signs and descriptions of abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out. There is help available.

You don’t have to live in fear


  • In a healthy relationship both partners treat each other with respect. Answer the following questions honestly to work out if your partner treats you with the respect you deserve.
  • Is your partner willing to compromise?
  • Does your partner let you feel comfortable being yourself?
  • Is your partner able to admit to being wrong?
  • Is your partner trusting and understanding?
  • Do you agree with this statement: My partner never tries to control what I wear, where I go or what I do
  • Do you agree with this statement: My partner does not physically hurt me
  • Do you agree with this statement: My partner does not emotionally hurt me (by calling you names, threatening you, making you feel bad)
  • Does your partner try to resolve arguments and conflict by talking honestly?
  • Do you feel safe being with your partner?
  • Does your partner respect your feelings, your opinions and your friends?
  • Does your partner accept you saying no to things you don’t want to do (like sex)?
  • Does your partner accept you changing your mind?
  • Does your partner respect your wishes if you want to end the relationship?

When someone loves you, you feel safe, respected and free to be yourself. You shouldn’t be made to feel scared, intimidated or controlled.

If you have answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, you could be in an abusive relationship and may want to speak to someone.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing domestic violence, or needs further information, visit the NHS Choices website  to find out about the support options available.

You can also call us for free and fully confidential support.

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