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20 April 2023

Free gambling awareness workshops

People working in sport are four times more likely to be impacted by gambling related harm.

The impact of problem gambling is far reaching and the addiction often does not exist in isolation. Gambling addiction impacts a person’s overall wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them, and may be linked to other physical or mental health challenges.

Racing Welfare are working with EPIC Risk Management to raise awareness of, minimise and ultimately prevent gambling-related harm through a programme of high-impact, educational workshops. Those attending a workshop will:

  • Hear powerful stories from those with lived experience of problem gambling
  • Learn to recognise the signs that you or someone you know could be struggling with a gambling addiction
  • Learn effective management and control measures
  • Find out what support is available to those within our industry

Workshops are free of charge to people working within the horseracing industry and can be arranged at a workplace upon request.

Watch the video to find out what to expect from an EPIC gambling harm awareness workshop.

If you’re interested in attending a workshop or arranging one for your workplace, please contact:

Liam Dyche | Senior Programme Manager at EPIC Risk Management
e: ldyche@epicriskmanagement.com
w: www.epicriskmanagement.com
m: 07923 056861

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