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15 March 2022

Racing Welfare Fundraiser – Freja Thackray

Freja is 9 years old and loves sport, including racing. She has been lucky enough to be in and around racing all of her life and knows the trials that many face alongside the tribulations of our much-loved sport. So when Freja met Dawn Goodfellow whilst racing at Newcastle a few years ago, she was interested to hear that Racing Welfare is all about helping people: in all areas of the sport, at all levels and those that have retired too. On learning that, she decided to do two sponsored runs at the age of 6 and last year, aged 8, she completed her 20 lots of 2021m in ’21 – well, actually, she completed 21 runs, or just over the equivalent of a marathon, as people were so supportive!

So far Freja has raised just under £9000 for Racing Welfare.

This year Freja decided that she needed, “to go big”, as she says, because people were so generous last time. Well, she certainly has upped the challenge as this year’s is called, ‘Aintree to Ascot with a Cheeky Cheltenham Cheat’.

Essentially, Freja will cover the distance between Aintree and Ascot racecourses using the three triathlon disciplines. So that’s 194 miles of swimming, cycling and running. She started Cheltenham Festival week and will do her final miles Royal Ascot week. We look forward to following Freja’s progress and hope you will too.

JustGiving page – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mary-thackray1

Twitter – @RunningForRW

Instagram – @freja_grace

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Frejas-Fundraiser-for-Racing-Welfare-105329272063693/