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11 January 2023

Therapy cats a welcome addition at Newmarket coffee morning

Retired racing staff at Racing Welfare’s monthly coffee morning met the charity’s two newest recruits on Tuesday 10th January. The robotic ‘Therapy’ cats were brought along to the first meet-up of the year, with one beneficiary commenting on their realistic appearance: “I can’t believe how realistic the cats are – they look like real cats!”

The two cats were donated by Newmarket Rotary, who raised over £7,000 at a charity event in aid of dementia in September 2022. Funds raised were spent on 32 robotic cats which move, purr and meow when stroked – much to the amusement and comfort to the elderly and socially isolated. All 32 cats are being distributed around the Newmarket area. Newmarket Rotarian Janet Collins commented when delivering the cats to Racing Welfare’s headquarters earlier this month:

“We are really pleased to be donating two ‘Therapy’ cats to Racing Welfare. It has long been recognised that caring for and interacting with a pet can be therapeutic – especially for those living with mental ill-health.

“It is a simple tool that can bring so much comfort and give people a feeling of calm and reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness.”

Racing Welfare’s two cats will continue to be used at coffee mornings and in other settings where they may benefit those who might be affected by loneliness or social isolation. Guests at Tuesday’s coffee morning recognised the potential benefits, with one regular coffee morning visitor saying: “I can see how especially someone who is feeling lonely and isolated could take comfort from the cat”

To find out more about the ‘Therapy’ cats please visit the Newmarket Rotary website.