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28 May 2020

The Racing Dinner Puts the Sparkle Back into Staying In



The Racing Dinner is asking people to get dressed up for their evening meal at 8pm on Saturday night, with each group or person showing that they are attending the virtual dinner party by tweeting a picture of them doing so to @racingdinner.  In lieu of participation in the event, there is a suggested donation of £10 per head (£5 for children) to Racing Welfare, with the hope that the event will help push the charity’s appeal total, which currently sits at £232,969, closer to towards the quarter of a million pounds mark.

The Racing Dinner is also asking for anyone who intends to take part on Saturday to tweet a picture of themselves saying ‘I’m in’ in the run up to the weekend to spread the word around the initiative.  The campaign hashtag is #racingdinner.


Mark Loades, Head of Fundraising at Racing Welfare, praised the initiative, saying: 


Sam is a great supporter of Racing Welfare and we are really grateful to him for coming up with the idea of the Racing Dinner and getting it off the ground.  I hope that it captures the imagination of people across the industry and that Saturday evening offers a chance to come together, albeit virtually, have dinner and celebrate the planned return of our sport next week.

Get involved in the Racing Dinner by following @racingdinner on Twitter.  Donations to Racing Welfare’s Covid-19 Emergency Appeal can be made here: www.justgiving.com/RWEmergencyAppeal