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27 October 2023

Shaun’s Story – Addiction

Waking up and reaching for a drink had become a normal part of life for Shaun, a former work rider, who didn’t recognise the devastating effects alcohol addiction was having on his life until one day in November 2020 when he crashed his car while under the influence of alcohol.

It was this incident that led Shaun to change his life and his first port of call was Racing Welfare.

He says:

“I crashed my car drink driving, I was heavily over the limit and I needed help. I was drinking all day, every day – from the moment I opened my eyes. Racing Welfare were there for me 24/7 and helped me on the road to recovery. Since then, everything has been 110% regarding the support that I’ve received.

I would 110% tell someone else struggling with addiction to get help through Racing Welfare. A lot of hard work goes into racing and I know there are people out there who need the support.”


Shaun’s Story – Addiction – YouTube