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Mental Health & Wellbeing

We all know how important it is to take care of our physical wellbeing. However, it's also vital that we look after our mental wellbeing as well. If you're feeling low, sad or stressed then Racing Welfare can help in a variety of ways

Racing Welfare is committed to ensuring that racing’s workforce can access mental health and wellbeing support services when required, free of charge and without lengthy waiting lists. All of our Welfare Officers have received Mental Health First Aid training, or will do so within their first year in post.  They are able to provide information and advice to people regarding mental health support and counselling options.
Many of our team have counselling skills training, Counselling Diplomas and Diplomas in Welfare Studies and so are highly trained to listen and respond to a range of individual needs. Racing Welfare became signatories to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation in May 2016.

Racing Welfare helps people to access telephone counselling, traditional face-to-face counselling and online counselling through the ‘Silver Cloud’ online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We also provide support, advice and counselling relating to addiction. Asking for help with mental health and wellbeing can be hard at first, however we offer a range of contact methods through Racing’s Support Line to ensure that people can get in touch in a way that they find most comfortable.

“I was feeling very low and having let slip of budgeting and paying bills I was feeling harassed and at a loss as to what to do. Racing Welfare helped me get back on track and the CRUSE counselling I have received has really made a difference. I now feel like I can manage again.”

Be Friendly Telephone Befriending Service:

‘Be Friendly’ is a new telephone befriending service launched by Racing Welfare with the aim of reducing and preventing loneliness and social isolation within the horseracing community.

Named after ‘Be Friendly’ the dual Haydock Sprint Cup winner owned by Sir Peter O’Sullevan, The Be Friendly service is for people from the horseracing industry who might be feeling lonely and isolated or who may be incapacitated and vulnerable for a variety of reasons.

A trained Befriender will make calls on a regular basis, not only to have a chat but also to ensure that everything is OK. The service is completely free and confidential and is open to anyone who works or who has previously worked in the Horseracing Industry, including their close dependants. The Be Friendly service is available to anyone of any age and could also be beneficial to those feeling isolated through long term illness or injury.

Anyone who would like to find out more or sign up to the Be Friendly service can visit the website or call Racing’s Support Line on 0800 6300 443.