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Check-in and Chat

Check-in and Chat is Racing Welfare’s volunteer-led telephone check-in service

Would you benefit from a weekly check-in call?

Our weekly check-in telephone service offers the opportunity for those working in or retired from the horseracing and breeding industry to have a call from a team of trained volunteers at Racing Welfare.  The calls aim to prevent loneliness and social isolation within the racing community.

All volunteers who carry out the calls have a strong interest in and passion for horseracing.  Chatting about your week, your plans for the future, any problems that you are facing, or your general interests can be a real fillip and our volunteers are ready to listen.

Available to everyone working in or retired from the horseracing industry, as well as those experiencing a period of time away from work for any reason, the calls are accessible and flexible to suit your individual needs.

“The calls have been a god-send! Just having someone to chat to that doesn’t judge me and is interested in how my week has gone makes such a difference.  My relationship with Sarah has grown so much over the last few weeks, we talk about anything from horses and the heath to shopping and TV!”

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, this service has seen an 800% rise in those working in and retired from the industry taking up the offer of check-in and chat calls.

To sign up for the Check-in and Chat speak to your local welfare officer or call Racing’s 24hr Supportline on 0800 6300 443.