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3 December 2020

‘Off to a galloping start’ Yorkshire Brokerage CNG Switch dedicated to helping Racing Welfare

We are delighted to announce that CNG Switch has dedicated to supporting Racing Welfare. After working with us to find the best deal for our energy, a conversation began around how CNG Switch could support us further.

CNG Switch, who offer a consultancy service on electricity, gas, renewable technology, merchant services, telecoms, water and insurance, were introduced to Racing Welfare when the charity moved into a new premises which was already supplied by the brokerage.

The three year partnership will see CNG Switch and Racing Welfare working together for the good of the charity and it’s community.

CNG Switch Manager Director, Wesley Gill commented:

We are delighted to be working with Racing Welfare, from the moment we were introduced to the charity we knew we wanted to work with them beyond energy supply. It is the the only charity which provides support to everyone working behind-the-scenes in the horseracing industry as well as those who have retired, and the demand for the service is increasing year-on-year. The work they do and range of support they offer is absolutely phenomenal and we are pleased that CNG Switch can help in some way!

Dawn Goodfellow, CEO of Racing Welfare added:

Racing Welfare has been offering a range of services to all members of the horse racing community since 2000. Everyone at Racing Welfare all do what we do because we want to make a positive difference to people’s lives. The prevention of loneliness and self-isolation amongst the most vulnerable of the racing community is one of our core aims, and it is through funds from sponsors like CNG Switch and the dedicated hard work of the team that we have been able to keep these services going, as well as facilitate new ways of keeping in touch and virtual alternatives to our normal programmes throughout the course of the pandemic.