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2 January 2024

NOTICE: Changes to Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS)

Since 2017, Racing Welfare has been providing CATS (Careers Advice and Training Service) as part of our award-winning Workforce Wellbeing Programme for racing’s people with a designated project lead.

Throughout that time, we have helped over 600 people with their career aspirations, providing practical assistance to help with professional development, careers coaching, job seeking skills, returning to work and changing career within the industry.

CATS was made possible through generous funding from The Racing Foundation, which has now come to an end. In a challenging economic climate, it has not been possible to secure an alternative source of funding and therefore we have had to suspend this part of the programme in its current format, effective as of 1st January.

However, as part of our holistic support services, via our welfare officers and our support line, beneficiaries can still access careers advice, support, signposting to job boards and industry bodies as well as training grants.

We continue to work with The National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust (NTFCT), which provides training grants for employees within the racing industry to develop their knowledge and skills. There is a special focus on retraining to enable those who meet with an accident or ill health to continue working in the British horseracing industry. Applications for a wide variety of training courses will be considered, including aspects of horse care, vehicle driver training, staff management and office skills.

Enquiries around these grants should be directed to Racing Welfare’s Support Line on 0800 6300 443.

All other aspects of Racing Welfare’s support services continue and we remain committed to supporting all of racing’s people with a range of life’s challenges.


You can find advice and guidance on careers here.