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22 December 2022

Case Study: Racing Welfare Housing Tenants

Kieran, 23, was one of the first tenants to move into the newly completed MacDonald Buchanan house in Newmarket in April 2020. After two years he has now made the transition to independent living, holding his own tenancy within the town.

Kieran said: “I found out about Racing Welfare’s accommodation whilst on a course at the British Racing School in 2020. I was coming to the end of my residential course and would soon be looking for somewhere to live in Newmarket.

“One of the Welfare team came to speak to our group about all the support available, including housing options, and I took an application form for MacDonald Buchanan house.

“I applied for the accommodation and was accepted fairly quickly, meaning I could leave the Racing School and start work.

“I was pretty happy there for those two years. It was an ideal place to return to after a long day at work. Plus, it was fairly close to the yard so it made the early starts a little easier!

“Living at MacDonald Buchanan House was a good first step towards independent living for me. Sarah [Racing Welfare’s Housing Support Officer] let me get on with everything I needed to but was there if I had any questions or issues.”

“I started to think about moving on after a couple of years. I knew of others that needed the support; I had some money saved up, so I started to look for a flat to rent with one of my friends.”

“At first it was quite difficult to find my own place, as at that time of the year a lot of staff were coming back from abroad and places were going quickly. I continued to have support from Racing Welfare whilst I was looking for a new place, and Sarah advised on the sort of questions we should be asking prospective landlords.”

“I am now settled in my new place near to the racecourse. It is only a short scooter ride from work so hasn’t been too much of a change for me. I know that Racing Welfare are still there for me if I need them.”