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18 September 2017

Toby Balding Award to reward dedicated stable staff

The National Trainers Federation announced a new award for stable staff during Racing Staff Week this year and are encouraging trainers and potential applicants to find out more and make applications for the £4,000 prize.

The Toby Balding Award for development and training funded by the National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust (NTFCT) from a donation made by the Swire Trust in memory of Toby Balding, will be presented to a member of stable staff who demonstrates a desire to further his or her career and to train for a higher level qualification or undertake personal development training.

Toby Balding was a great supporter of anyone looking to make their way in horseracing so the annual award, named after him, offers an exciting opportunity for ambitious employees in British racing yards to widen their knowledge and train to acquire new skills. We would encourage all trainers to embrace this award by supporting those loyal members of their staff to apply and help them advance to a more senior role.

In order to be eligible for the award applicants must have a verifiable 5-year history of working in racing yards, within a 7-year period and be willing to study and achieve qualifications that would help to prepare them for senior roles (for example, L3 diploma in work based racehorse care and management plus relevant leadership courses). This will require a commitment to developing a clear career path and engaging with Racing Welfare’s Careers Advice and Training Service to support them throughout the process. Applicants must also be able to demonstrate that they have attributes required to progress to senior roles. Examples include; being recognised in their yard as a positive role model; having high standards; take pride in their work; behaving in a professional manner at all times and being able to give examples of additional responsibilities that they have been trusted with and carried out well.

Applicants will be asked to provide a short training and development plan giving an explanation of how and why the training will improve their career pathway and the impact that it will have on their personal situation. This can include studying in the UK or working for a racehorse trainer abroad.

Applications must be supported by a personal reference from a current or previous employer or senior member of staff stating why the applicant deserves to win the award.

The closing date for entries is the 31st October and judging will take place in January 2018 by the trustees of the National Trainers Federation Charitable Trust. The chosen winner will be the applicant whose training plan, employment history & reference stands out as exemplary. The Award will be presented at the NTF’s Annual General Meeting in February 2018.

There are several conditions that must be adhered to by the applicants such as being able to demonstrate commitment to professional development and complete, in the time frame stipulated by the training provider, all training courses paid for by the scholarship. Applicants must also submit a quarterly blog to Racing Groom website as well as report on progress and benefits of any training / activities funded by the scholarship; this will appear in relevant racing publications in recognition of the industry funding the award.

Potential applicants are encouraged to email Shelley Perham at the NTF with any questions or for advice on training opportunities, or more information on the award: s.perham@racehorsetrainers.org. To download an application form visit the NTF website.