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Susan Shirley

Housing Support Officer

Susan Shirley : Housing Support Officer

I moved to Newmarket with my daughter when she began working in racing. I was already working in housing, managing a hostel for ex-offenders supporting them to resettle back into the community after release from prison. I then went on to work with young people in a supported living project; helping them to develop essential life skills which would empower them to move on into their own homes and successfully sustain their tenancies. I applied for the role of Housing Support Officer because of my personal experience with the racing community In Newmarket. My daughter worked in racing for ten years during which time I gained first-hand experience and a sound understanding of the issues that young people face when starting off in the industry. I regularly supported her friends who were living and working away from home for the first time in a very demanding job. I am very passionate about the racing industry and greatly admire all involved. Although I am very new to my role I am thoroughly enjoying being part of a fantastic team.