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Sarah Ashley

Housing Support Worker

Sarah Ashley : Housing Support Worker

I have worked within the racing industry for over 20 years which has enabled me to travel the world and raise a family whilst doing a job I love, working with racehorses.

My passion for riding and caring for racehorses then led me down a new path to teaching at The British Racing School. As an instructor I wanted to be a positive influence in the lives of these young people wanting to join the industry. As well as teaching them the ropes of yard life I was a mentor and hopefully a good role model. It gave me immense pleasure to see these young people achieve their dreams and felt proud that I had been able to help lead a new generation of staff into the industry I love. It was at the BRS that I realised my calling was definitely in helping people and wanting to make a difference to the staff within racing. The experience I gained at the BRS has led me here to the Racing Welfare where I hope to also make a real difference to people.