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Rachel Costello

Welfare Officer

Rachel Costello : Welfare Officer

I worked in the racing industry for 16 years. I started off in RACE in Ireland and the rode as an apprentice for 5 years.
I then travelled to the uk to ride as an apprentice for a short while before joining Godolphin as a work rider, I was lucky enough to ride some lovely horses over the course of 11 years and travelled to Dubai some winters which was lovely for my family.
Whilst working at Godolphin I decided to do some volunteering with people with learning difficulties. I absolutely loved doing this job almost as much as I loved riding and caring for horses.
I then made the decision to leave the racing industry to support young adults. I feel I have learned so much over the past 4 year supporting people that when the post came up as a racing welfare officer I jumped at the opportunity to apply for this role as I believe this is my true calling. I am delighted to be able to combine my passion for supporting people and racing together.