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Natasha Bougourd

Welfare Officer

Natasha Bougourd : Welfare Officer

My passion of Horses began at the age of 4 when I started learning to ride on a 13.2hh Pony called Pickles, by the age of 12, I was fearless and charging about on my 16.2hhh retired point to pointer. It was that old point to point Horse that sparked my passion for all things Thoroughbred and intern, led onto my passion for Horse Racing.

My initial insight into the racing industry was at the age of 13, when I did work experience for a small local trainer, from then on, I was hooked. I spent every weekend and school holidays working and riding out at the yard. At the age of 16, I attended the British Racing School and thoroughly enjoyed it. Following graduation from the BRS, I worked for successful Flat and National Hunt Trainers. Located in Epsom & the outskirts of Lambourn. Unfortunately, my career in Racing was cut short due to sustaining a knee injury. I felt at a loss for quite some time, as I had never envisaged having to leave a Career that I was so passionate about.
After some deliberation, I found myself working in the Health and Social Care Sector. This led me to train and qualify as a Registered Mental Health Nurse.
As a Mental Health Nurse, I have worked in both Primary and secondary services, with experience in Forensic psychiatric inpatient units, Accident and Emergency Triage services, Acute inpatient Hospital admissions, Crisis Interventions and Intensive Home Treatment Teams.

With my experience within both Horse Racing and the Health care industry, I feel that I am able to offer an empathetic understanding, advice and guidance to those that may need support, in addition to empowering individuals to achieve their goals, whether it be personal or career-related.