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Clare Ascroft

Operations Manager

Clare Ascroft : Operations Manager

There are never two days the same in my role as Operations and Fundraising Executive and never a dull moment at Racing Welfare!

Working from Head Office in Newmarket means I get to be directly involved with the day to day running of the charity and have learnt a lot about the operational side of things. It also means that I get to speak with all members of staff and visit our various regions from time to time. I hugely enjoy being able to get out about meeting people, which is crucial to my role as Community Fundraiser and will always try my hardest to get you signed up for some sort of challenge event or fundraising opportunity.

I have been connected with the equine industry for a number of years now, having previously held the role of Membership Manager for the British Equine Veterinary Association. Despite this connection and being involved with horses for longer than not, the Horseracing industry was completely new to me, but it did not take long to become fascinated by the sport and its unique world and I have quickly come to realise the dedication required from a large team of people that make it all happen.