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Money Matters

Racing Welfare provides support and advice regarding debts, benefits, pensions and budgeting

Dealing with money issues can be difficult, but Racing Welfare’s Welfare Officers are able to support people through challenges relating to debt, benefits, budgeting and more. We take a holistic approach to supporting people and we understand that money issues often have to be solved alongside other challenges such as an accident, injury or illness.

A fundamental role of our Welfare Officers is to assist people to maximise their income through entitlements to state benefits and services. Our teams ensure that people are claiming everything they are entitled to before any charitable grants are awarded. Our Welfare Officers can advise and refer people to help them navigate an often confusing and fast-changing benefits system. In 2016 the welfare team helped people to claim more than £200,000 in state benefits and other entitlements.

Our Welfare Officer helped Amanda to identify what were priority debts and liaised with her creditors to set up affordable repayment plans. However, as Amanda was at risk of homelessness Racing Welfare awarded a grant to repay the rent arrears to secure her tenancy for her family.