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Racing Welfare supports people with physical, psychological and emotional rehabilitation after an accident or injury has taken place

Accidents and injuries involving racehorses can often require specialist care, understanding and attention. Racing Welfare provides support for people following an accident or injury and we can assist people to access specialist physiotherapy and treatment. It doesn’t matter if the accident took place in the workplace or not.

We understand that it can be a challenging time and that the cost of specialist treatment can impact on people’s normal finances. Therefore, in most cases, we will assist with funding for the first 6-8 weeks of physiotherapy. We may also help beyond this following a review with a Healthcare Professional. We also have contact with specialist Healthcare Professionals such as those at Oaksey House, Jack Berry House and The Racing Centre. If these are inaccessible then we can often help find other specialist Physiotherapists or Healthcare Professionals in the local area. It is often the case that in addition to the physical effects of the accident, the person affected may also experience some psychological or emotional effects. Racing Welfare can support people to access appropriate counselling to help resolve fears and regain confidence.

Racing Welfare saw Diana through the rehabilitation from the injury and helped get life back on track.

“Racing Welfare has always been there for me, whenever I have needed them most.”