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6 March 2019

Racing Career Map – Sarah Ashley, Welfare Officer

The Career Map is an interactive tool launched by Careers in Racing last year. The racing industry is unique and diverse, and the different ways in which people are able progress in their employment is a reflection of this. The Career Map encapsulates all of this in a clear, user-friendly way.

The Career Map can be used as a tool to explore what your role, or others in the industry, can lead to. Each point on the map includes a summary of the job and the skills required, in addition to the training and qualifications normally needed to reach each point.

When you click on a specific job role, the map will also show several possible upward career progression routes, highlighting the way in which a person’s skillset can be successfully transferred to a number of different jobs in racing. Training information for each possible career route is also provided, helping to identify relevant courses and plan next steps. This information can then be fed into the CATS Personal Development Plan (PDP). Access the Career Map at www.careersinracing.com/careermap


Career Map in Action

Below, Racing Welfare’s Sarah Ashley talks about her racing career and what routes she has taken to get to her current role.

What made you decide to work in racing?

My love of horses initially brought me into racing. I finished my education, GCSEs and A Levels and the career board was advertising a racehorse care course at the British Racing School. I was intrigued so applied not really understanding what it may involve. Within months I had been interviewed and I accepted a place on a 10-week course in Newmarket. I loved every minute of it and can honestly say I have never looked back.

What is your most memorable moment of working in racing?

In early 2008 I was lucky enough to travel to Dubai for David Elsworth with the filly I rode daily, Gower Song, and she won the Group 3 City of Gold. I had ridden her from her time in England and whilst in Dubai and was overwhelmed with emotion when I led her back in after her Group win! It was the proudest moment of my racing career as I felt I had been a large part of her success.

What do you enjoy the most about your current role?

My current role as Welfare Officer feels like an extension of my racing career. I love that I am still around the industry but able to give something back to those working in the industry. I really enjoy helping people and I hope I can make a positive difference to their lives.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to progress their career further in racing?

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and feel it’s not easy to move on or up the ladder. I think it’s important to surround yourself with the right peers, conduct yourself in a professional manner and be positive about what you want. Everyone should have a dream or goal they want to achieve and if you really want something you should expect to work hard for it!

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