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The aim of the Pattern Club is to raise up to £1 million a year which will play a vital part in the future of the charity.

There are 3 levels of support with a maximum number of Patrons at each level as follows: Classic Patron (max 10) an annual gift of £50,000 or more. Group Patron (max 20) an annual gift of £15,000 or more Listed Patron (max 40) an annual gift of £5,000.

In appreciation of your investment you will receive special recognition based on the level of your gift including invitations to special events and regular updates on our progress in line with your own preferences or interests.

By becoming a Patron of The Pattern Club you will become part of an exclusive circle of our most generous and influential supporters who understand the importance of our work. To find out more about The Pattern Club contact us at our Head Office on 01638 560 763 or email jschofield@racingwelfare.co.uk.

Current Pattern Club Members

  • Jane Gerard-Pearse
  • Charles and Zorka Wentworth
  • Simon Clarke
  • Anthony Brooke-Rankin


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