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Occupational Health Webinars

Occ health webinars by Team Prevent

Occupational health services exist to keep staff safe and healthy. Horseracing depends on a fit and healthy workforce and working at racing yards, studs and racecourses can be physically and mentally demanding. Consequently, the health of those who keep the show on the road is paramount.

Racing’s Occupational Health Service provider Team Prevent will be delivering webinars on different aspects of occupational health and provide tips and guidance on OH in the workplace.

The sessions are free to attend and last an hour in total including time at the end for any questions. There are four themes for the webinars which can be found below:


Improve your mindset and resilience training

  • Content: Training is centred around stress reduction techniques, guiding delegates through meditation, mindfulness and other stress management tips.
  • Aims & outcomes: Practical based session aimed at giving delegates useful methods to take away and utilise personally, or to advise others, on how to improve their state of mind.


Healthy Habit Change

  • Content: Training focused on the key principles involved in effective goal setting, relating this to various health and wellbeing areas where healthy habits can be formed including nutrition, physical activity, alcohol and sleep.
  • Aims & Outcomes: Delegates will be taught the basics of a healthy, balanced diet; recommended physical activity guidelines and how to introduce activity more into daily living; alcohol guidelines; and the importance of sleep and recommendations for improvement. They will also leave with the knowledge on how to set SMART targets and be able to apply this to the health habit they would like to adopt.



  • Content: This session will cover managing and supporting those going through the menopause, physiological and psychological symptoms of menopause, and examples of lifestyle-based coping mechanisms that can be applied to help individuals cope with or minimise these symptoms.
  • Aims & Outcomes: Delegates that attend this session will leave with an increased understanding of the menopause and have the ability to recognise the symptoms in their colleagues, while also understanding how this may affect them at work. They will also have gained an understanding of how the adoption of healthy habits and self-care techniques can be used to help minimise the potential physical and mental effects of menopause.


Improving State of Mind

  • Content: A practical session focused on the 5 ways of wellbeing and how someone can improve their resilience and state of mind. Includes practical application within teams in the workplace, encouraging the adoption of a leadership style that fosters and promotes resilience.
  • Aims & Outcomes: This training will teach delegates the 5 ways of well-being, what resilience is and ways it can be improved, all linked into improving state of mind and the ability to deal with stress and adversity. They will also gain an understanding of the link between nutrition and anxiety.