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7 November 2019

Lifetime in Racing Award for local South Wales legend, Mick Finn

Presented at his favourite racecourse Chepstow yesterday, Wednesday 6th November, Mick Finn was a very deserving recipient of a Lifetime in Racing award.

Awarded by his former boss, successful trainer and great friend, Graeme McPherson, the award recognises Mick’s continued dedication to the racing industry, in a career that has spanned over 47 years…and counting!

Mick started in racing in 1972 when he was 15 years old as a school leaver and he has never looked back.

He started working for Ken Cundall (lad and apprentice) and since then has worked for Milton Bradley, Taffy Salaman, PJ Lally in Ireland, G Richards, Paul Rich, DJ Wintle and Ron Harris before he started working for McPherson Racing 10 years ago.

Mick’s hard work and dedication has meant that he quickly worked his way up through the ranks – from lad, travelling lad, head lad, assistant – and now at McPherson Racing he is very much in charge of the day to day running of the yard.

Mick’s love of horses and his passion for the sport are what have kept him in the industry for the majority of his life. He loves being part of the racing community, and the great camaraderie and friendships that it brings. He enjoys working with youngsters coming into the sport and enjoys trying to instil into them the values that he has, to give them a good grounding for long term careers in the industry. He is a hugely popular member of the team and all of the staff have a great deal of respect for Mick.

Mick is still working full time and always makes sure he is first on the yard to feed at 5.10am every morning, and he is usually the last to leave after he has fed at 5.30pm. In the 12 hours in between he’s checking legs, planning the riding, feeding at lunchtime, harrowing the gallops – anything and everything!

He is invaluable. I respect him enormously and he is a great friend.

Graeme McPherson, speaking about Mick Finn

The Lifetime in Racing award series is just one of a number of initiatives operated by Racing Welfare to engage racing’s retired community.  Racing Welfare’s regional teams run regular trips and outings, coffee mornings, sporting reminiscence groups and an annual retiree holiday in a bid to combat loneliness and help people to keep in touch with old friends and colleagues.

Racing Welfare would like to express its most sincere thanks to Chepstow racecourse for their kind hospitality on the day. The award presentation was part of a charity raceday organised by Chepstow to raise funds for Racing Welfare. The day included six race titles dedicated to the charity, a fundraising auction and a bucket collection at the end of the day. Thank you to all involved in bringing the day together.