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18 May 2024

Katie’s Story – Movement for Mental Health

Assistant trainer saddling up in the historic home of horseracing for The Great Racing Welfare Cycling Challenge

Katie Margarson, 35, Assistant Trainer at George Margarson Racing, which is based at Graham Lodge Stables in Birdcage Walk, Newmarket, has signed-up to The Great Racing Welfare Cycle Challenge.

As well as having a physical job working as an assistant trainer, Katie is also a former amateur jockey and keen athlete who undertakes marathons, triathlons and iron man challenges. Katie is no stranger to physical activity but is looking forward to taking part in her first ever Racing Welfare fundraising event as a way of supporting a vital charity which has supported her in the past, and seeing just how far she can push herself.

Katie said: “The Great Racing Welfare Cycle Challenge is taking place two weeks after I take on an Ironman challenge, so I have to be honest and say that I had to be coaxed a little bit to sign up by my team-mate Nick Child. I’m definitely keen to make this a tough challenge though and see just how far I can cycle in the time.”

Katie will be taking part in a team for The Great Racing Welfare Cycling Challenge with Nick Child and Tom Kerby and they are working hard to recruit a fourth team member for the challenge taking place on 20-21 July.

Katie continued: “This is my first Racing Welfare event and I’m really excited to raise money to give back to a charity that does so much for racing staff, including me, as Racing Welfare helped me to attain a qualification in personal training which I will always have as a security blanket to fall back on.

“I think being active is hugely important for your mental health. I appreciate working in racing means you’re very active for your job, but I feel it’s important to have an activity that is ‘me’ time. There are so many different forms of exercise and sport that you can get involved with. I definitely think you should make time to move for yourself, not just your job.”

The Great Racing Welfare Cycling Challenge is a 24-hour challenge taking place in Newmarket and surrounding areas with Rowley Mile Racecourse being the event headquarters. The event starts at 12pm on Saturday 20th July and comes to a close at 12pm on Sunday 21st July.

Teams of 4-8 people are being encouraged to take part in this ultimate test of stamina and endurance where a minimum of two members of each team will need to be cycling on the course at all times – meaning you don’t need to give up your whole weekend to take part. For more information visit; www.racingwelfare.co.uk/greatracingwelfarecycle