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SMART Recovery Group

The SMART Recovery group is here to help people deal with their addictive behaviours through open, confidential discussion. It is delivered by Humankind, in association with North Yorkshire Horizons and Racing Welfare.

The SMART Recovery Group is open to all. The group is not restricted to supporting people with alcohol and drug addiction but is here to help with any type of addictive behaviour.

Meetings are held at Middleham Key Centre every Thursday at 7pm or virtually via Zoom.

To find out more or to sign up for the SMART Recovery group, call Racing’s Support Line on 0800 6300 443.

With gentle reassurance and support from her welfare officer, work rider, *Leah has slowly learned to open up and trust again. Leah has struggled with addiction issues around food and self-harm alongside low mood and anxiety which led to suicidal thoughts.

Through this time of despair, Racing Welfare provided Leah with mental health support and she recently joined the Racing SMART Recovery Group which provides peer-led support for those struggling with addiction.

Leah spoke to us about her experience and her journey to recovery here.

My life has become so much easier since I’ve asked for help.

Kieran Shoemark

Jockey Kieran Shoemark talks openly about his positive test for cocaine, his battle with alcohol addiction and his inspiring road to recovery

Find more advice and guidance on addiction here.


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