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3 August 2021

Racing Homes – An Introduction

Racing Homes is Racing Welfare’s own Housing Association.

About Racing Homes

Racing Homes is Racing Welfare’s own Housing Association. It provides quality, safe affordable housing for people entering the industry, and people who have retired from racing having dedicated a lifetime to the sport. Currently Racing Homes manages 165 properties in its portfolio making us the largest housing provider in racing.

We work closely with Racing Welfare who provide advice and help to anyone working or who has worked in the thoroughbred horseracing and breeding industry and their dependents. All who approach Racing Welfare are invited to meet with a Welfare Officer who will assess the individuals’ situation and develop a plan that empowers the person to address their situation and support them as needed. They can also help if you have a problem with your existing housing.

If you are aged 18-24 or a retiree from the racing industry and you are interested in renting a Racing Welfare Home, you can contact us by:

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