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3 August 2021

Making the most of your money

Top 5 Hints and Tips

Money tight? Are you receiving all of the money that you possibly can? There are many ways to make your money go further whether you are reaching retirement, starting a family or renting or buying a house. Below are some top tips for making the most of your money.

1. Benefits

Start with a benefits check and make sure you are getting all the help you are entitled to – whether you are in work or out of work. Turn2Us provides an easy to use benefits check.

2. Have you got a job?

  • Check your tax code is correct, you’ll find it on your payslips, on a P60 at the end of the tax year or on a P45 if you leave a job.
  • Check you are being paid at least the national minimum wage
  • Consider getting more hours or a second job
  • Check if there is any tax you can claim back

3. Do you have a home?

  • Can you take in a lodger? Don’t forget to check with your landlord if you are in rented accommodation or with your mortgage lender. Further advice here.
  • If you are in housing that is too big for you needs, can you move to a smaller property to avoid paying the “bedroom tax”?
  • Are there other adults living with you? How can they contribute towards the bills?

4. Are you getting the best deals?

Here are some ideas:

  • Look on comparison websites for the best gas, electric and insurance deals
  • Are your savings in a low interest account? Could you get a better rate?
  • Would it be cheaper for you to be on a water meter?
  • Could you move a credit card debt to a 0% deal? Make sure you check any charges first
  • Do you know when your local supermarkets discount their goods?

5. Tempted to spend more than you have?

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I need it (or want it…?)

How do you sort out what you really need from what you want or would like?

Need = something you have to have, (a place to live, lighting and heating).

Want = something you would like to have, (a new coat or a night out).

2. Can I afford it?

Think about the amount of money you have in your account and in your pocket.

What bills have you got coming in?

What might you have to go without?

3. Can I get it cheaper?

Look in other shops to compare prices (including charity shops, eBay, community recycling and car boot sales for good second hand alternatives).

Use the internet to search for better deals.

See what’s advertised on local networks such as Shpock, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Freecycle, Freegle and Gumtree.

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