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2 August 2021

What is Mental Wellbeing?

Mental wellbeing is a term used to explain how someone is feeling and how they cope with everyday activities. Mental wellbeing can vary at different times of the day, month or year and can be affected by many different factors.

Everyone’s mental wellbeing is different and often goes unseen.

Understanding mental wellbeing

If you’re feeling low, sad or stressed then Racing Welfare can help in a variety of ways, but it might help to understand more about mental wellbeing. When your mental wellbeing is good then you can feel confident, express a range of emotions, feel engaged with society and are able to have positive relationships with others. You can live well and go to work and can generally cope well with the ups and downs of everyday life.

However, it is more common than people think to experience periods of time when your mental wellbeing is low such as feeling sad, stressed or finding it difficult to cope with life. Sometimes this can be triggered by events such as bereavement, loneliness or relationship breakdown.

You may have experienced or be experiencing any of the below:

  • childhood abuse, trauma, violence or neglect
  • social isolation, loneliness or discrimination
  • homelessness or poor housing
  • a long-term physical health condition
  • social disadvantage, poverty or debt
  • unemployment
  • caring for a family member or friend
  • significant trauma as an adult, such as military combat, being involved in a serious accident or being the victim of a violent crime

You are more likely to develop a mental health problem if your wellbeing has been low for an extended period of time. You are more likely to suffer with periods of low mental wellbeing if you already have a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression. However, you can still manage your condition and your life with periods of good wellbeing with understanding and support.

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