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2 August 2021


If you work in or have worked in the Thoroughbred racing or breeding industry and you need to talk to someone then Racing Welfare can help.

There are times when we all need someone to talk to, particularly when life gets too much.  Despite having supportive networks of close family and friends it can still be hard to talk; that’s where counselling can help.

Counselling is a type of talking therapy with a trained practitioner who is able to listen with empathy and understanding.  Counsellors can help you deal with negative thoughts, emotional pain or any other feelings that are causing distress or anxiety.  A counsellor can also help you work through these thoughts and feelings.

Counselling should help you feel safe and offer a place where concerns can be explored with the aim of getting a better understanding of feelings and thought processes. Through this increased understanding it is possible to identify solutions to difficult life situations



Types of Counselling and Support

There are many other issues that counselling can help with and if you’re unsure then please ask us.  There are also different types of counselling and a range of ways to access it.

Telephone counselling – this is an option that some people prefer as it means you can choose to remain in your own environment. These will usually be weekly sessions which are likely to fit around busy racing or stud hours. It can also work well if you are working from home and can be beneficial to those living in more remote locations.

Face to face counselling

Anyone who works in racing is now able to speak to a trained BACP-qualified counsellor 24 hours a day.  Click here to speak to someone.

You can also download Woebot which provides in-the-moment emotional support 24/7.

Counselling is available to racing’s entire workforce and retired staff free of charge and will mean you won’t need to wait on lengthy NHS waiting lists to get the help you need.

If you think you’d like to explore counselling you can contact us in the following ways:

Get Support Now

Racing Welfare’s 24 hour support line enables people to access support and
guidance through digital and telephone options.

Useful Links

Alternatively you may want to source a counsellor yourself.  We would always recommend that you choose someone who is accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) or with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

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