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3 August 2021

Council Tax Relief/Reduction

What is Council Tax Reduction?

If you’re on a low income, you may be entitled to help from your council towards paying your council tax.

Since 1 April 2013, local authorities in England have taken responsibility for running their own local schemes that assist with council tax. These are called Council Tax Reduction or Council Tax Support schemes. You can no longer make a claim for Council Tax Benefit.

Depending on where you live, Council Tax Reduction (CTR) may be:

  • discount worked out as a percentage of your council tax bill
  • discount of an amount set out in the scheme
  • discount equal to the whole amount of the council tax bill – therefore the amount payable would be nil.

Find your Local Scheme

Each local authority has its own local scheme, consequently there will be differences between schemes.  It is recommended that you check the rules of your local authority’s scheme to see what your entitlement is.

To find out about the scheme in your area click here.

Our Welfare Teams are trained to help people access the state benefits they are entitled to. You can find out more about council tax reduction and other benefits that you may be entitled to using the Turn2Us Benefits Calculator.

If you need practical help to claim council tax reduction we can arrange for one of our Welfare Officers to contact you for an appointment.

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