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3 August 2021


Are you missing out on benefits you are fully entitled to? Every year billions of pounds worth of benefits go unclaimed in the UK so it is well worth keeping a track of your entitlements.

What Benefits am I entitled to?

Benefits are paid by the government to people who are unable to work or have a low income. Claiming benefits can provide extra money for essential living costs such as food, clothing and housing if:

  • You’re out of work
  • You’ve got children
  • You have a low income
  • You are ill or disabled

For further information on the above please click here

If you’re struggling financially it’s important to make sure you’re getting all the income you’re entitled to. A benefits calculator can quickly and easily identify any benefits you can claim to help increase your income and improve your situation. A comprehensive online benefits calculator and grant checker from financial support charity TURN2US can be found here.

The calculator has been updated in line with the latest announcement from the government in response to the coronavirus outbreak. If you find the whole process daunting, then please contact Racing Welfare and speak to a Welfare Officer for further advice and support.

For debt advice go to the Money Advice Trust or the National Debtline. The charity StepChange can also help if you are worried about your finances or current debt solution.

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