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Applications open for our Family Festive Grants

Family Festive Grants applications are open from 1st December

Racing Welfare is offering Family Festive Grants to those who currently work (and/or who have lost their job/work due to Coronavirus) in the thoroughbred racing and breeding industries and who have dependent children.

This grant is intended to assist with expenses over the festive period which brings additional financial pressure to families.  It is available to those with dependent children up to the age of 18 years.


Grant details


  • Grants will be awarded at £100 per child, up to a maximum of 4 children per family.
  • Grant awards are intended to help families to balance the costs brought by the festive period and prevent financial difficulties.
  • Evidence of child benefit and a recent bank statement must be provided.
  • The fund will close on 18th December 2020 or before if all available funds are used first.



 To apply for a Family Festive Grant or to discuss your eligibility, please contact your local Racing Welfare team.  All of the numbers are available at www.racingwelfare.co.uk/contact.