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13 August 2019

Donate to Racing Welfare with every purchase of Steri-7 throughout August

Farm & Stable have very kindly teamed up with Steri-7 to donate £2 to Racing Welfare for every 5L of stable disinfectant purchased via their website throughout August. Farm & Stable are the exclusive distributors of Steri-7 Equine disinfectants in the UK.

Farm & Stable Supplies is by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Suppliers of veterinary products and stable equipment for over 40 years. The company also works closely with the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry to bring revolutionary solutions that fulfil a need.

Farm & Stable are suppliers to a host of illustrious trainers, providing feed supplements, yard equipment, de-worming products and healthcare items such as bandages and dressings. Their whole range is available for free, same-day dispatch to anywhere in the UK and they offer free, independent advice across their full catalogue.

Steri-7 Xtra is a broad Spectrum organic and yet powerful biocidal equine disinfectant cleaner proven to kill up to 99.9999% of pathogens including most harmful viruses, spores, moulds and bacteria, including Rhodococcus equi and parvovirus in seconds; it stays active for up to and over 14 days due to its unique ‘Reactive Barrier Technology’. Ensure that you purchase online before the end of August to donate to Racing Welfare.