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1 February 2017

CATS: Careers Advice and Training Service

Racing Welfare, in partnership with the BHA, are launching a Careers Advice and Training Service (CATS) for staff working within the British horseracing industry.

Funding from the Racing Foundation is helping to bring this service into fruition, which builds upon the pilot scheme that was undertaken to assess the feasibility and benefits of a Careers Counselling Service in 2013-14.

The service is open to be used by anybody who works, or has worked in the British horseracing industry. Careers coaching may be appropriate for a variety of reasons and the service can be used by people who want to progress and develop within their current role or within the wider British horseracing industry.

Support through the CATS service will be tailored to each individual. The degree of support could mean anything from simply answering a question or providing information, through to careers coaching sessions. Support may include horseracing careers advice; support with job applications and job searches; advice on CV writing and interview skills and making funding applications for training. The careers coaching process will help people recognise their skills, experience and potential.

The service will be administered through Racing’s Support Line; Racing Welfare’s 24 hr telephone and online support service. After making initial contact, people wishing to use the service will have a CATS telephone session arranged for a day and time to suit them. A trained Advisor will then work alongside them to answer any questions they might have; assess their current situation and explore the options available. The integration of the service with Racing’s Support Line will allow a holistic approach to careers coaching which can help address any other welfare issues or concerns that an individual may be facing.

The support that CATS will offer to the wider horseracing workforce will complement the existing careers advice and training support offered by JETS to former professional jockeys, many of whom are still employed within the industry.

Dawn Goodfellow, Chief Executive at Racing Welfare said


The launch of the CATS service is a really exciting initiative for people working in racing. The availability of a dedicated careers service for racing people will increase the appeal of working in the British horseracing industry. CATS will also help retain the specialist range of skills and expertise of racing staff, within the industry.

Carole Goldsmith, Director of People and Development at the British Horseracing Authority said

We are delighted to be partnering with Racing Welfare on this important initiative and grateful to the Racing Foundation for supporting one of our key aims to develop and retain staff within the racing industry. CATS works perfectly alongside careersinracing.com, the BHA’s careers marketing website run on behalf of the racing industry which also includes a hugely popular job board.

The CATS service can be accessed through Racing’s Support Line by telephone on 0800 6300 443 or online through www.support.racingwelfare.co.uk.