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Tom’s Story – Support after a Bereavement

Tom is 58 and has been working at his local racecourse for just over twenty-five years. Just 18 months ago he lost his long term partner suddenly and his colleagues had become concerned that he was becoming increasingly withdrawn and isolated.

The Human Resources department at his employers helped support Tom but he didn’t find the counselling service he was offered was the right one for him and his very low mood continued.

Racing Welfare were contacted with Tom’s permission and a Welfare Officer telephoned and arranged to conduct a home visit for an initial chat and an assessment.

I was feeling very low and - having let slip of budgeting and paying bills - I was feeling harassed and at a loss as to what to do. Racing Welfare helped me get back on track and the CRUSE counselling I have received has really made a difference. I now feel like I can manage again.

During the course of the visit, Tom shared that he was struggling to deal with all the bills and paperwork that his wife had always previously managed. Tom had unopened letters that he said were overwhelming him and he was now starting to get daily phone calls from creditors. Tom said he was feeling harassed and just didn