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The Smith’s Story – Support with Accessing Retirement Housing


Mr & Mrs Smith have been working on a large thoroughbred stud for over 35 years and have always lived in tied accommodation that goes with Mr Smith’s job. Mr Smith was approaching retirement when he made contact with Racing Welfare with the support of his employer.

Mr Smith was aware that in the next eight months he needed to find alternative accommodation for his retirement, where he can live with his wife. He was aware of Racing Welfare’s retirement accommodation and had been on our housing waiting list for the last five years. However, having had a look, he wasn’t sure if he could settle in the town as he had always lived in the country. Furthermore, he also owned two dogs and needed a garden for them.

A Welfare Officer made a home visit to the couple and discussed their options. The Welfare Officer then helped them to make an online housing application to the local authority as the couple had strong ties with the locality and would be entitled to be re-housed. The Welfare Officer facilitated all the complex paperwork and gathering of evidence for the housing application, liaising with the local authority’s housing team to ensure they received everything they needed.

This retired couple said that they would have struggled to deal with the process of re-housing and moving without the support they received.

The couple were accepted onto the waiting list and seven months later were offered a one bedroom bungalow in the next village with a housing association. After moving the Welfare Officer helped the couple to claim all statutory entitlements to help with their rent and council tax reduction. During the course of working with the couple Mrs Smith