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Scott’s Story – Mental Health and Financial Support


So why would a former stable lad, who considers anything higher than the back of a horse too high, put himself through jumping out of a plane at twelve thousand feet?

Scott Houghton & Terri O’Rourke are raising money for Racing Welfare and Little Angels Staffie Rescue with a Skydive on 22nd July 2015. Scott explains why he is so keen to raise money and awareness for Racing Welfare:

“My story starts five years ago when life got really tough. A long-term relationship broke down and I struggled to cope. I had bailiffs knocking at the door every day and I received an eviction letter to get out of my flat because of my dog. I used drugs to forget my worries, lost my wages gambling, suffered depression and lost my job. This was game over.

“To just forget everything I went on a seven day drug binge, finally waking up and realising that I had no money to buy dog food. This was the final nail in the coffin and I reached for the vodka and the sleeping pills. I woke up in hospital with a few friends and family around me, feeling in utter despair.

“When I got home the next day I found myself sitting outside Racing Welfare crying like a baby – I felt so very alone. They sat me down and we talked for four hours. They provided immediate care, making sure I had credit on my phone for emergencies, and making sure that I had money so we could eat, but it was the aftercare that made the real difference. They helped me sort out my debts by ringing the creditors and setting up a repayment plan, and they arranged for me to see a doctor and receive one-to-one counselling. They got in touch with the council and helped me find new accommodation. They still look out for me now.

“I’m not a bad person, I just took the wrong path at times and I still suffer with depression, but Racing Welfare have helped me to learn how to deal with my problems. Without their support I would not be here now and I want to make sure that others know that there is help available if they need it. I also want to give something back in return for the help I have been given, which is why, on 22nd July I will be facing a fear that I will have to face by myself, jumping out of a plane at 12,000ft in order to raise as much money as I can for Racing Welfare. Please consider sponsoring me, Racing Welfare saves lives.”

Support Scott & Terri’s fundraising efforts by visiting their Virgin Money Fundraising page.

"Racing Welfare have helped me to learn how to deal with my problems. Without their support I would not be here now"